Thanks to the efforts of outstanding specialists who have devoted themselves to football research, "Football Science" has become a reality. I would like to express my sincere gratitude, respect and very best wishes to all those involved in this initial publication.

Football is a sport loved by enthusiastic fans the world over. It is a matter of great gratitude that scientific findings can support the sport, its players and those who enjoy watching it, and contribute to make it safer, more fantastic and more exciting.

"Football Science" is an online journal. Its academic information will be shared on the network and sent worldwide. The objectives of "Football Science" are to collect academic information on football, to share it on the network and to make use of it in real time. I truly hope that people all over the world will find application for "Football Science".

Football has its own history and regional characteristics, and it is continuously developing. Football is both cultural and educational. Extraordinary football performance has biological, psychological and kinematic foundations. "Football Science" publishes academic information to support football in a wide variety of fields, including the findings of natural science, humanities and social science, and research results on state-of-the-art technologies and strategies. Our mission is to become a medium to distribute useful information to as many as possible of those who are passionate about the development of football.

I pray with hope for the success of "Football Science," that it will grow and be used by all of those who love football.

Takahiko Nishijima Ph.D.
Editor in Chief of Football Science
University of Tsukuba
August 2004

My expectations for the inauguration of "Football Science"

In 1979, "1st INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS ON SPORTS MEDICINE APPLIED TO FOOTBALL" was held in Rome, Italy. Then, in 1987, "First World Congress of Science and Football" took place in Liverpool, England. The latter is held quadrennially, and the fifth congress took place in Lisbon, Portugal in 2003. International research on football might owe much in its development to these two congresses.

With the advent of 21st century, a journal called "Football Science" is to be inaugurated in Japan. I believe that this project offers a remarkable innovation in that up-to-date science of football will be internationally shared.

In European countries, it is a given that scientific articles be published in journals that feature soccer coaching. I sincerely hope that "Football Science" will be widely studied by medical and scientific researchers, coaches, and football admirers and that it will contribute to the proper development of football.

Prof. Haruhiko Togari
Consultant for Football Science
Heisei International University

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