1. Nature of the Journal

"Football Science" is an academic journal related to sport and science centering on football.
It is an arena for publishing new findings and applications in relation to sports performance and science.

2. Qualification for Submission

Contributions may be submitted by both members and non-members of the society. However, nonmembers should pay necessary cost for publishing.

3. Author's Responsibility

The author alone is responsible for any statements made in the contribution. The statements shall not have been published and have not, to date, under review of any other journal.

4. Type and Content of Contributions

4.1. Type
Contributions accepted are Review, Paper, Short Communication, Rapid Paper, Materials, and Technical Report.
1) Review
Review summarize domestic and overseas study on a specific subject and include the author's own views.
2) Paper
Paper should present original concepts with valuable conclusion through complete discussion.
3) Short Communication
Short Communication should present original concepts examining new facts and applications, or descriptions of valuable facts or discussion.
4) Rapid Paper
Rapid Paper need a rapid presentation of research that is original but incomplete and include descriptions with valuable facts, data, and discussion.
5) Materials
Materials should present valuable data obtained with experiments and surveys.
6) Technical Report
Technical Report describe state-of-the-art sport performance technically and statistically.

4.2. Length of Contributions
Review and Paper : 8 printed pages or less
Materials and Technical Report : 6 printed pages or less
Short Communication and Rapid Paper : 4 printed pages or less
The number of pages will include the abstract, keywords, tables, figures and photographs.
One printed A4 page is equivalent to 2000 Japanese characters.

4.3. Contents of Contributions
Contributed articles are classified into two categories for review, sport and science. Sport category includes American Football, Soccer, Futsal, Rugby Football and Women's Soccer.
Science category includes Biomechanics, Coaching, Fitness and Conditioning, Game Analysis, Nutrition, Pedagogy, Physiology, Psychology, Adapted Football, Sociology and Philosophy, Sports Equipment and Facility, Sports Management, Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation, Technical Analysis and Training.

5. Language and Units

The language for contributions is English. Japanese articles are also acceptable. SI units are preferred, but the CGS system is also acceptable.

6. Submission of Contributions

6.1. To submit a contribution, follow the instructions on the screen "To Submit a Paper" See Guide for the Preparation of Contributions for more details.
6.2. Written inquiries may be sent to :
Edit Secretariat, Football Science Shobi, Inc.
1-13-7 Hakusan, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0001 Japan

7. Acceptance and Review of Contribution

7.1 Received date
The date the contribution arrives will be the date received, and the date that the editorial board approves publication will be the date accepted.

7.2 Review
All submitted contributions will be reviewed by the Editorial Board.

7.3. Change of Category of Contribution
After reviewing a submitted contribution, the editorial board may decide to accept it in a category other than the one indicated by the author. In such cases, the board will seek the permission of the author.

8. Page Charge

No charge will be charged for members. 6,000 yen/page will be charged for nonmembers. 6,000 yen/page will be charged for each page over the limit.

9. Copyright

The copyrights of all contributions published in the Journal belong to the Japanese Society of Science and Football. When the author is planning to use whole descriptions of the published paper for another book as they are, the author should clearly indicate that the paper belongs to the Society.

10. Inquiries for contribution :

Edit Secretariat, Football Science


This Instructions for Submission of Contributions is effective from September 1, 2004.
This Instructions for Submission of Contributions is effective from March 9, 2009.
This Instructions for Submission of Contributions is effective from December 23, 2010.
This Instructions for Submission of Contributions is effective from July 21, 2017.
This Instructions for Submission of Contributions is effective from July 1, 2018.
This Instructions for Submission of Contributions is effective from January 28, 2020.

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