School Health Table of Contents Vol.16 (2020)

ISSN ONLINE : 1880-2400

日本学校保健学会は、機関誌「学校保健研究」、英文学術雑誌「School Health」を刊行しています。

Original Article

Perceptions of Teachers in Japanese Elementary Schools Regarding Crime Risk and Crime Prevention Education

Takayasu Inoue, Teppei Nunoura and Risuke Karima

pp. 11-21First published: 2020/1/28

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Practical Report

Short-Term Efficacy of an Educational Program to Enhance Knowledge and Attitude for Preventing Cervical Cancer among Japanese Male High School Students

Junko Shida

pp. 1-10First published: 2020/1/23

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Research Note

The General Understanding and Perceptions of the Practical Use of School Health Records: A Questionnaire Survey of Parents from Seven Local Municipalities in Japan

Kazuki Ide, Satomi Yoshida, Takeshi Kimura, Yasuko Oita and Koji Kawakami

pp. 33-42First published: 2020/4/20

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Research Report

Factors Affecting Feelings of School Avoidance in Japanese High School Students: A Longitudinal Study of 10th to 12th Graders

Mieko Aruga

pp. 22-32First published: 2020/2/3

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