Fundamental Study on Physical Characteristics of Football Pitches

Kazunori Fujikake, Takumi Yamamoto and Masahiro Takemura

[Received June 2, 2006 ; Accepted November 24, 2006] 

The aim of this study was to investigate the mechanical characteristics of football pitches such as hardness and traction. Field tests, including an impact hammer test and a traction test, were performed at 13 natural-turf pitches and eight artificial-turf pitches. Based on the field test data, differences between the natural-turf and artificial-turf pitches, and seasonal variations in their mechanical characteristics, and the influence of the presence or absence of turf-grass on traction characteristics are discussed. The main difference between natural-turf and artificial-turf is highlighted in the shape of a rotational resistance curve. Furthermore, the natural-turf pitch had significant seasonal variation in both hardness and traction, while that was not the case with the artificial-turf pitch.

Keywords: football pitch, natural-turf, artificial-turf, hardness, traction

[Football Science Vol.4, 1-8, 2007]