Inferiority Feelings and Sense of Coherence in Touch Rugby Players

Shunsuke Kimura, Shoko Kishi, Youka Komatsu and Kazuo Oishi

[Received July 25, 2018; Accepted March 22, 2019] 

The purpose of this study was to investigate relationships among the competitive level, inferiority feelings (that was to debilitate athletic performance), and Sense of Coherence (SOC; that was to advance athletic performance), and was to build the psychological supports for touch rugby players for improving performance. In study, 60 touch rugby players (joining university club or scud of Japan national team) completed questionnaire. First, participants were divided into two groups based on competitive level (experience of Japan national team): High Performance (HP) group and Low Performance (LP) group. Welch’s t-test reveals that LP group have higher inferiority feelings, and HP group have higher SOC. In addition, differences in competitive levels between these groups were analyzed qualitatively using the KJ Method. Some categories were similar to LP group and HP group (eg, “Successes of teammates”, “Practicing proactively”), and some were particularly. As results, it was considered that psychological supports for improving athletic performance.

Keywords: touch rugby, competitive level, inferiority feelings, sense of coherence, psychological supports

[Football Science Vol.16, 27-39, 2019]