Validity and Reliability of Computerized Adaptive Test of Soccer Tactical Skill

Kozue Ando, Shota Mishio and Takahiko Nishijima

[Received January 15, 2018; Accepted March 8, 2018] 

The purpose of this study was to analyze test characteristics of computerized adaptive test (CAT) of soccer tactical skill with movie image questions for constructing criterion-referenced measurement test of soccer specific tactical skill based upon item response theory (IRT) and CAT techniques. Samples for statistical analysis were 141 male college soccer players, age (20.2±0.99 yr), athletic career (11.9±2.16 yr) whose positions were divided into goal keeper (GK), central defenders (CDF), side defenders (SD), defensive midfielders (DMF), attacking and side midfielders (AMF), forward and attackers (FW). The attacking tactical skill score was high in attacking positions of AMF and FW, and the defensive tactical skill score was high in defensive positions of CDF, SDF and DMF. The criterion-related validity of CAT of soccer tactical skill to criterion-referenced measurement test consisted of 82 items, and the test-retest reliability of CAT of soccer tactical skill were high and significant statistically. It is concluded that CAT of soccer tactical skill have testability, reliability and validity.

Keywords: Attacking tactical skill, Defensive tactical skill, Individual tactical skill, Group tactical skill, CAT

[Football Science Vol.15, 38-51, 2018]