Analysis of Items and Characteristics of a Criterion-referenced Self-administered Test utilizing Video Images for the Development of a Computerized Adaptive Test for Tactical Skills in Soccer

Kozue Ando, Shota Mishio and Takahiko Nishijima

[Received January 9, 2018; Accepted March 8, 2018] 

The purpose of this study was to analyze the items and characteristics of a criterion-referenced self-administered test utilizing video images for the development of a computerized adaptive test of tactical skills in soccer (TSS-CAT). In total 141 male soccer players in a University club, age(20.2±0.99 years), athletic career (11.9±2.16 years) participated in the study. The structure and the test items of tactical skills in soccer were constructed using qualitative analysis. The test items regarding tactical skills in soccer were analyzed based upon item response theory (IRT) with the 2-parameter logistic model (2PLM). The test items of tactical skills in soccer consisted of 4 domains of individual and group attacking tactical skills, and individual and group defensive tactical skills. The item uni-dimensionality, goodness-of-fit to the item characteristic curve (ICC), invariance of estimated parameters and ability score, the test reliability, validity and goodness-of-fit to the ICC were examined using IRT with 2PLM. The results confirmed the item characteristics of estimated parameters and ability score applying to TSS-CAT.

Keywords: criterion-referenced measurement, item response theory, item characteristics, test characteristics, causal effect analysis

[Football Science Vol.15, 26-37, 2018]