Effects of Scouting Videos on Electroencephalogram during Motor Imagery in Football Players ― Changes in Alpha Power ―

Takahiro Matsutake, Susumu Kadooka, Takayuki Sugo and Takesi Asai

[Received March 2, 2016; Accepted February 16, 2017] 

Videos of opposing teams during football games are used to obtain information about the team and its players for analysis of tactics before important games. By editing such videos, scouting videos are developed to highlight the characteristics of the opposition’s offensive and defensive play. We investigated the impact of a scouting video on Electroencephalogram (EEG) alpha power when evoking motor imagery. Subjects of the study were members of a football club at a sports-oriented college (n=6). Subjects watched a scouting video under an experimental condition, and viewed a landscape photograph under a contorl condition to develop imagery. Physiological indicators of EEG alpha power during the development of motor imagery were measured under both conditions. Results indicated that EEG alpha power was significantly higher when developing imagery under the experimental condition. Alpha power is an indicator of relaxation and concentrated attention that varies with level of awareness and arousal. Therefore, the above results suggest that the scouting video used under the experimental condition promoted the development of imagery with concentrated attention.

Keywords: sport mental traning, coaching, central nervous system

[Football Science Vol.14, 34-41, 2017]