Ingestion of High Carbohydrate Meal with Low Glycaemic Index improves Repeated Sprint Performance in Elite Adult Female Soccer Players

Heita Goto

[Received March 11, 2015; Accepted April 15, 2016] 

The aim of the current study was to examine an influence of high carbohydrate (CHO) pre-exercise meal with various glycaemic index (GI) on repeated sprint performance during a soccer match simulated prolonged high intensity intermittent running in trained adult female soccer players. This study was crossover design and eight trained female soccer players consumed isoenergetic high CHO meal with either high GI (HGI) (GI = 76) or low GI (LGI) (GI = 44) which provided 2 g CHOkg-1 body mass 3 hours before performing the Loughborough Intermittent Shuttle Test (LIST). The test involved five 15-minute blocks and an open ended block which consisted of walking, jogging, cruising and 15 m sprint. Sprint time was significantly faster during the LGI trial than the HGI trial (HGI vs. LGI = 2.96 ± 0.06 s vs. 2.89 ± 0.06 s, p < 0.05). Heart rate (180 ± 2 beatsmin-1 vs. 176 ± 3 beatsmin-1, p < 0.05) and RPE (15.3 ± 1.8 vs. 14.2 ± 2.2, p < 0.05) were significantly lower during the LGI trial compared to the HGI trial. Therefore, female soccer players are advised to consume a high CHO meal with LGI before training or match.

Keywords: Association football, Exhaustion, Intermittent sport, Sports nutrition

[Football Science Vol.13, 1-8, 2016]