Comparative Analysis of Attack-related Game Aspects in the Japanese University Football League, Japanese J-League, and UEFA Champions League

Masao Nakayama, Midori Haranaka, Ryouta Sasaki, Yusuke Tabei, Teppei Kuwabara and Yusuke Hirashima

[Received December 24, 2014; Accepted March 24, 2015] 

The purpose of this study was to identify the characteristics of attack-related game aspects within three football leagues (JUL, JL, and CL).
The sample comprised 7,094 attacks, 4,839 of which were forward attacks (i.e., attacks that end near the opposing goal), and the data were collected from 30 matches in total (10 matches each from JUL, JL, and CL competition). The results revealed significant differences in attack time (JUL = 12.6 sec, JL = 13.7 sec, CL = 13.7 sec), forward attack time (JUL = 14.0 sec, JL = 15.7 sec, CL = 15.7 sec), number of successive passes (attack: JUL = 2.5, JL = 3.0, CL = 3.1; forward attack: JUL = 2.7, JL = 3.3, CL = 3.5), and pass tempo (number of passes / time: JUL = 0.19, JL = 0.21, CL = 0.22). In addition, there were significant differences between all three leagues in pass tempo during forward attacks (JUL = 0.18, JL = 0.20, CL = 0.21).
From these results, the characteristics of attack-related performance in different leagues were identified. Future studies should also consider the characteristics of defensive performance.

Keywords: Soccer, Coaching, Quantitative data, League comparison, Attack, Game aspects

[Football Science Vol.12, 58-66, 2015]