Physical Characteristics of Collegiate Women’s Football Players

Nozomu Hasegawa and Kenji Kuzuhara

[Received April 26, 2013; Accepted January 14, 2015] 

The purpose of this study was to examine physiological characteristics of different positions in collegiate women’s football players. Twenty-one female players (age: 19.4±0.9 years old, 5 forwards, 6 midfielders, 8 defenders, 2 goalkeepers) belonging to the Aichi women’s football division I league participated in this study. Three types of vertical jumps, maximal anaerobic power, 20m sprint, step-50, and Yo-Yo intermittent recovery test level 1 were measured before the 2012 season. There was no significant difference among different positions because players had various playing experience in this team. In this study, physical performance, especially repeated intense performance, should be improved in order to increase the competitive standard.

Keywords: Women’s football, Yo-Yo test,, Anaerobic Power, Agility, Speed

[Football Science Vol.12, 51-57, 2015]