Reference Values for the 3200-m Run Test on a Soccer Field for Players at the Adolescent Growth Spurt

Kentaro Chuman, Yoshihiro Hoshikawa, Tomomi Iida and Takahiko Nishijima

[Received July 24, 2013; Accepted August 8, 2014] 

The aim of the present study was to confirm the validity of the 3200-m run test on a soccer field, and provide reference values for this test in order to evaluate aerobic fitness in soccer players at the adolescent growth spurt. Forty-four male pubescent soccer players (7th grade), aged 12.8 ± 0.2 years, participated in this study for three years. They performed the 3200-m run test once a month for 30 months, as well as VO2max and V-OBLA tests at a laboratory once a year. In the 7th, 8th, and 9th grades, the 3200-m run test results correlated with V-VO2max (r = -0.62, -0.64 and -0.71, respectively) and V-OBLA (r = -0.58, -0.66 and -0.73, respectively). The content validity and criterion-related validity of the 3200-m run test to measure aerobic fitness in soccer players at the growth spurt were confirmed. We also demonstrated that this test was easy to prepare and measure, inexpensive, and may be included in aerobic training for players. Finally, reference values for the test for soccer players at these ages were provided.

Keywords: Aerobic fitness, Growth, Development, Longitudinal study

[Football Science Vol.12, 33-42, 2015]