Characteristics of Goal-scoring Crosses in International Soccer Tournaments

Hiroshi Yamada and Yuta Hayashi

[Received March 17, 2014; Accepted October 2, 2014] 

This study was confirmed the characteristics of goal-scoring crosses by location of attack and defense players in FIFA World cup 2010 and UEFA EURO 2012. We analyzed 64 goal-scoring plays involving a cross. The locations of crossers, receivers and three defenders against the crosses were recorded. Analysis of nine tactical items revealed the following factors in goal-scoring crosses: 1) crossers attempted to penetrate the side area to advance to the penalty area and cross by the goal line. In particular, when defense blocks were organized, players cut back crosses to around the penalty spot; 2) more than half of crosses were behind the defense line; 3) half of near-side crosses were concentrated in front of the near-post, and the remaining half were concentrated around the penalty arc; 4) receivers ran toward the front of the goal. In particular, receivers on the far-side cut into the PTA with diagonal or lateral movement; 5) early crosses usually occurred between the penalty spot and the goal area, behind the center of three defenders against the cross; and 6) in early crossing, the nearer the touch line was, the larger the lateral gap was.

Keywords: Cross tactics, Prime target area, Location information, Game performance analysis, FIFA World cup

[Football Science Vol.12, 24-32, 2015]