The Comparison of Respiratory Functions in those with or without a Past Medical History of Bronchial Asthma during Soccer Games in Physical Education Classes under Cold Temperature

Yusuke Takagi, Mikio Nakase, Kosei Yoshizawa,
Yuji Ando and Sho Onodera

[Received April 4, 2012; Accepted September 17, 2014] 

The purpose of this study was to investigate changes in the indices of respiratory functions during soccer games for three times in physical education classes in individuals with past medical histories of bronchial asthma. Eleven male students with a past medical history of bronchial asthma (=Asthma group) and eleven controls played the soccer game (15 minutes) in physical education classes, in December 2010 (Temperature: 6.8 °C, Relative humidity: 38.9 %), Japan. They played soccer games for three times, and each game was 15 minutes. We took break for approximate 10 minutes between each game.
Participant’s FEV1.0, PEF and SpO2 were measured before the class (Rest) and at the time 5 minutes after each game. We suggested that stress on respiratory system indicated greater during playing a soccer game for 15 minutes in physical education classes under cold environment in individuals with past medical histories of bronchial asthma.

Keywords: Bronchial Asthma, Soccer, FEV1.0, Physical Eduation, Cold Temperature

[Football Science Vol.12, 18-23, 2015]