The Effects of BCAA Supplementation on Muscle Damage Following a Lower-Body Resistance Exercise Bout in Soccer Players

Soran Aminiaghdam, Kave Baturak, Paiam Mohamad Panahi
and Khaidan Hatami

[Received March 7, 2011 ; Accepted July 31, 2012] 

The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of two different dosages of BCAA supplementation on muscle damage in conjunction with a lower-body resistance exercise bout in soccer players. 30 male soccer players participated in a double blinded cross over designed study conducted during exercise protocol. All subjects in a randomized and double-blind design were divided into three groups. All subjects were participated in lower- body resistance exercise bout (6 sets, 10 repetitions, 70% 1RM). The BCAA was given at doses of 200, 450 BW for supplemental groups 1 and 2, respectively, 30 minutes before and after to exercise tests and carbohydrate was given at dose of 200 BW for placebo group. To identify enzymes activity (IU/L), venous blood samples were obtained 30 min prior to exercise and at 24 and 48 hrs post exercise.
Data were statistically analyzed using ANOVA with repeated measures and Bonfferoni test. Baseline CK and LDH were determined 30 minutes before the exercise test. Baseline serum values for CK, LDH were not different between groups in the 30 minutes before the exercise test (p>0/05). However there were significant increases (p<0/05) between the pre exercise and post exercise values for CK, LDH from 24 hrs to 48 hrs posttest, but there were no significant differences between two groups (p< 0.05(.
These results suggested that two different dosages BCAA supplementation did not affect muscle damage during lower- body resistance exercise bout 48 hrs later in soccer players

Keywords: branch-chain amino acid, resistance exercise, soccer, lower body, muscle damage

[Football Science Vol.9, 62-69, 2012]