An Evaluation of Characteristics of J-League Players Using Data Envelopment Analysis

Nobuyoshi Hirotsu, Hidekuni Yoshii, Yukihiro Aoba and Masafumi Yoshimura

[Received April 23, 2010 ; Accepted June 1, 2011] 

We evaluate the performance of J-league players using data envelopment analysis (DEA) in order to try to identify player characteristics from the standpoint of effi ciency. We use time played as the input and the numbers of ten basic plays or actions such as goals, assists, crosses, passes, dribbles, tackles, interceptions, clears, blocks and fouls as output. We then analyse the performance of J-league fi eld players using data from the 2008 season based on the CCR (Charnes-Cooper-Rhodes) model. In this analysis, we evaluate field players by position, i.e. forwards, midfielders and defenders, and discuss their characteristics in reference to their effi ciency scores, virtual input and output values, reference sets, and their targets for improvement.

Keywords: CCR, DEA, Efficiency, Evaluation, J league

[Football Science Vol.9, 1-13, 2012]