Biomechanical Profile of Danish Elite and Sub-elite Soccer Goalkeepers

Henrik Sørensen, Martin Thomassen and Morten Zacho

[Received September 11, 2007 ; Accepted June 20, 2008] 

The purpose of this study was to define a biomechanical profile of the soccer goalkeeper. We tested whether the skill level of 6 goalkeepers correlated with a number of biomechanical tests. The skill level of each goalkeeper was defined as the league he played in. The biomechanical tests were designed as standardized measurements of typical goalkeeper actions; they comprised various jumps, a short sprint and a leg strength measurement. The results showed no correlation between the goalkeepers’ skill level and their score in any of the tests. Thus, with reservation for the limited number of subjects, we conclude that the measured biomechanical parameters are of minor importance for assessment of the goalkeeper’s skill level. We suggest that other skills as for example tactical understanding, positioning, perception and anticipation might be more important for the goalkeeper.

Keywords: Soccer, Goalkeeper, Skill level

[Football Science Vol.5, 37-44, 2008]