Development of Criterion-Referenced Measurement Items of Penetration Pass Play in Soccer Game

Hayato Takashima, Hiroki Matsuoka, Kozue Ando and Takahiko Nishijima

[Received January 9, 2022; Accepted November 13, 2023] 

The purpose of this study was to develop criterion-referenced measurement items of penetration pass play in soccer games. Cause and effect analysis with the Delphi method was applied to construct a qualitative causal structure, measurement items, and achievement criteria of penetration pass play in soccer games. Structural equation modeling (SEM) was applied to analyze a second-order factor structured model of the penetration pass play. Item response theory (IRT) with the 2-parameter logistic model (2PLM) was applied to analyze the item and the test characteristics of penetration pass play items. The first-order factors of penetration pass skill in soccer consisted of through pass, positioning, unbalancing DFL (Defense line), and breaking DFL skills. The 16 items measuring penetration pass play showed construct validity. The item unidimensionality, goodness-of-fit to the item characteristic curve (ICC), invariance of estimated parameters and ability value, test reliability, validity and goodness-of-fit to the ICC were examined using IRT with 2PLM. The value of the estimated ability of the successful penetration pass group in the soccer game was 0.30±0.79, which was significantly higher than the -0.45±0.73 reported for the unsuccessful pass group. These results indicate that the criterion-referenced measurement items of penetration pass play in soccer games are valid.

Keywords: criterion-referenced measurement, item response theory, second-order factor structure, qualitative causal structure

[Football Science Vol. 21, 1-12, 2024]