School Health Table of Contents Vol.15 (2019)

ISSN ONLINE : 1880-2400

The Japanese Association of School Health publishes “Japanese Journal of School Health” and “School Health”.

Original Article

Association between Awareness of Taking Education on Medicines, and Knowledge, Attitudes and Behavior about Medicines among Japanese High School Students

Chihiro Sakai, Kazuhiro Iguchi, Tomoya Tachi, Yoshihiro Noguchi, Shingo Katsuno and Hitomi Teramachi

pp. 43-53First published: 2019/7/2

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Web-based Education for Preventing Sexual Violence among Junior High School Students in Japan

Miyuki Nagamatsu, Kenichi Hara, Kiyoko Yano, Kazuki Ota and Mitsuhiro Takasaki

pp. 34-42First published: 2019/5/31

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Practical Report

Short-Term Efficacy of the Educational Program to Enhance Behavioral Intentions to Prevent Cervical Cancer among Japanese Female High School Students

Junko Shida

pp. 11-24First published: 2019/4/17

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Research Note

Exploring the Factors Associated with the Survey Participation of Parents: Does a Cooperation Reward Increase Their Response Rate?

Noboru Iwata

pp. 25-33First published: 2019/4/26

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Research Report

The Characteristics of Five Higher Brain Function Types as Assessed with a go/no-go Task in Japanese Children

Akiko Shikano and Shingo Noi

pp. 1-10First published: 2019/2/7

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